I live on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. It’s a small stip of land nestled between the Southern alps and the sea. My husband, grandson and I have some land that we are developing to suit our preferred way of living. Off grid, environmentally considerate and lots of animals and gardens.

My work, for an environmental company, takes me to many remote, challenging and untamed places. I get to ride in helicopters, camp out, tramp and 4wheel drive. Sound wonderful? (I haven’t mentioned the scratches, bruises, aching muscles and weather challenges!!!) Often my dog Mica (a certified Protective Species Conservation Dog) shares my adventures with me.

I am passionate about my work, the places I go, the experiences I have and indeed life itself! I hope that you’ll enjoy sharing the highs and lows with me as I record my adventures .

This photo is the view from the deck of our house.  Equinox sunset.20170328_192915_001