Confessions of a lazy writer

I thought keeping a blog would be easy. I mean I’m a word person and I really like to write. I think my life is interesting and that other people would be keen to read about it and well … I’m happy to share.

I didn’t allow, in my dream state, for all the everyday stuff that clutters thinking and robs away time and energy. Stuff like housework, daily chores, demands that other people make on my time, work, gardening, animals and the odd good book. Setting up a business, travel time, a family wedding and a very sick husband. It’s been a crazily busy time and I just haven’t written. In fact, dare I confess it, I’d forgotten about this blog altogether.

I lost my passion and deprived my self of the pleasure to be gained from jotting down a few words. Tonight, by some odd quirk of fate, I googled myself and ended up on this site. It’s kinda funny if you think about it! I had to reset my password because I’d forgotten what it was, but then I read through some old postings and dare I say it … they were / are good!

So now I am re-committed, re-inspired and willing to have another shot at writing my blog. If you’ve persevered through this ramble, thank you. I hope that as time moves forward you are rewarded with some good writings that are interesting, fun and most of all encouraging, for if I can do the things I do … any one can.

Here’s a recent pic … taken in Fiji, (a truckload of good stories!)


I hope you’ll adventure with me


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Karen Cooper says:

    Glad you’re back Friend I love to read about your adventures!


  2. Cheryl Roberts says:

    Lovely to see you so relaxed and having fun. Looking forward to catching up with whats happening in yr beautiful part of the country


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