Day 9 – 2/04/2020

Petra at the Mokihinui River

Today has been another beautiful sunny day. I worked in the gardens this morning. Laurie bought some gravel up so that I could put it in the drums where the strawberries will eventually go. I did two loads of that. I am sure it will help with the drainage when we get heavy rain. After that I did some work in the herb garden. It is finally starting to look tidy and soon I will be ready for some top soil. Then I tidied up the entrance to the vege garden, there were a few blackberry runners that were beginning to annoy me. They are no more!

Kayden asked if we could go for a bike ride today. Seemed like a good idea, so we got organised. Part of the challenge of living on a hill is that there is not a lot of flat ground for a decent bike ride. We decided to bike to the river from the bottom of our hill. Kayden biked down the hill and I drove down with my bike on the back of the ute. We thought the run would be good for Petra so she started with a run down the hill. We all met near the mail box and set off.

It seemed a bit crazy riding on the road without any vehicles, but we enjoyed the peace and quite of it all. Petra ran beside us and we rode to the turn off to Gentle Annie beach.

Cycling to the river, Kayden and Petra

Not far from the turn off there is a track that leads down to the river. In the Spring many people come down this track to whitebait but today it was just us. We biked as far as the track allowed us to and then got off and had a bit of a walk. Petra put her nose in the water but she didn’t go for a swim.

Eventually Kayden and I found a nice ‘beach’ and spent some time skimming stones. He was much better than I was! Petra was entertained with all the stone throwing; she chased the splashes and pawed at the water trying to get the stones out. She is funny when she puts her nose under the water, so we were highly entertained as well!

All too soon it was time to head for home. The chooks needed to be let out. The fire had to be lit to cook tea and the other dogs needed a run as well as the goats had to be fed and put away. Holly would be very grumpy without her hay. I’t been a great day … I think Laurie will be shearing our lambs tomorrow, so all hands will be needed to help!

View of home as we head back along the road from the river

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  1. terry says:

    Shame about the line of power poles up the hill otherwise a great photo.


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