Day 11 – 5/04/2020

Scarlet Rata Vine ( Metrosideros fulgens)

I have to admit, I’ve felt a bit flat today. I think I have worked physically over the last 10 days or so and put a lot of energy in to keeping in touch with people in our community and keeping our home running. Today I needed a quiet day and a chance to re-charge my batteries! Of course the animals don’t understand, so there were still all the chores to do. I walked the usual Loop Track with the dogs, but went into the bush at the top of the track. I saw some pretty cool fungi in there and it was worth walking through the wet bush!

I went looking for some more rata vines today. There is a beautiful flowering vine on the side of our driveway and I wanted to get some photos of it. There’s something special about autumn flowers!

Laurie and I watched church on-line and then I decided to have a go at making chocolate. I have never made chocolate before and I thought it would be very complicated. I found a recipe that looked reasonably easy and I more importantly I had all the ingredients. I gave it a go and as it turns out it was very successful. We all have had several pieces now, (tonight’s dessert), and I am confident enough to experiment now by adding dried fruit and nuts. Mmmmm!!!

The rest of the afternoon was spent inside. I am knitting a hoodie for our newest grandbaby and I am nearly finished. I had hoped to take it up but will have to post it and hope it reaches him safely. While knitting I watched a doco about a man who climbed Mt Everest. It was pretty interesting and a nice break from the usual business of jobs outside!

I think I am going to town tomorrow. We need fuel and a few grocery items. Some of our older friends also need groceries so I’ll do a run for them and drop off at mail boxes. I’m not really that keen … I’m pretty happy in my home bubble!!!

A fantail in the bush who was following me around this morning!

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  1. Cheryl Roberts says:

    Ur such a beautiful writer Lynne. The beauty that surrounds yr home is amazing.
    Love reading your blogs.
    Its beautiful here on the kapiti coast, high clouds so guessing the wind will pick up.
    Stay safe in yr bubble.
    Looking forward to making chocolate xx


  2. wild4eva says:

    Thanks Cheryl. I appreciate your kind words xx

    Liked by 1 person

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