Day 23 – 17/04/2020

View of the Karamea Highway towards the Radiant Range and The Bluff Road

Today has been wet. It was okay when I got up this morning and headed out for my morning walk. Laurie went to town quite early to pick up some meat from a beast we had killed. He also went to the supermarket and got a few supplies. I haven’t driven anywhere for ten days. Amazing really! Laurie opened some gates on his way out today and the sheep and cattle moved themselves into a new paddock. They have gone from Rosie’s into the Middle paddock. The sheep moved quite quickly but the cattle were a bit slower to get through the gate. They were pretty noisy when the dogs and I walked passed them on our way up the hill this morning.

I helped Kayden with his school work most of the morning and this afternoon I got the quilt that I am making finished. There are a few errors in the quilt but I think for a first one it is okay. Hopefully the young grandson will get some use from it!

The Quilt!

Laurie has been really busy with a building project over the last while. He has put a cellar at the end of one of the bays in our garage. It is an awesome room (no apologies for being totally biased), with stone walls and insulation for keeping the room cool. We plan to keep our produce in there; potatoes, pumpkins, apples etc … Part of the structure includes a wood hopper, which can be accessed via a cupboard door in the kitchen. No more buckets of wood inside! The cupboard was installed today and looks great. Kayden helped Laurie with the finishing touches. Just need a frame around it and it should be all done! Yah from me.

It was wet when I went to run the dogs this afternoon. We’ve had rain most of the day. I thought about a bush walk but decided I didn’t want to put my wet weather gear on, so I just walked the tracks. I spent some time looking at different lichens. It reminds me of when we went to Fiji and I snorkeled among the tropical fish and corals. A world that unless you take the time to look at and explore you wouldn’t even realise it existed. They are so often overlooked, but are very interesting and pretty in their own right. I was also fascinated with the way the rain drops and moisture sat on the plants. We live in such an awe-inspiring world. One of these days I hope to get a really good camera so I can do justice to the wonderful sights in nature that I see.

Our days and evenings are falling into a peaceful and rhythmic flow. We all have jobs and responsibilities that while at times may seem laborious, we just get on and do them. We are insular in our family bubble, but I think it strengthens us as a family unit. The world seems far away and a little obscure. Some things that were important are now not so and others that had been pushed aside are now in the forefront of daily life. Interesting times indeed!

From the top of the goat paddock – looking toward Seddonville

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