Day 26 – 20/04/2020

Water falls from the hills and banks

We have had quite a bit of rain over the last few days. On our place, previously unknown water channels become fast flowing creeks. Walking round the tracks you can hear the water gushing and gurgling as it forms small creeks that find their way to lower land, into bigger creeks and eventually into the Mokihinui River. This morning I found a waterfall that I had never seen before. I heard it before I saw it. I had to part the ferns and crawl over the soggy wet terrain to see it. The water was clear and cold. When I tasted it there was a definite earthy flavour, but it was quite refreshing. and tasted clean.

The track itself was a little slippery on the grass and I skidded a few times walking down the hill! I had Petra on a long lead today She has been a bit naughty when I call her and sometimes won’t come back, preferring to explore scents in the bush. If she is going to be a successful working dog, I need her to be obedient, so it’s back to basics to give her a reminder. I give her commands as we walk along, “sit”, “come”, “wait”, “stay”. If she doesn’t respond then I have the lead to assist with training. (It does get caught up on trees and rushes though and can be a right pain – still better than a stick or me yelling all the time!!)

Petra with the long lead

Like yesterday a tui sang, but today I saw it on a dead tree. It didn’t seem to be bothered by the dogs or me as I shifted Holly’s fence. It sounded so clear and pure. I could listen for ages!

Today was another day of many seasons in one.We have had fog, showers, heavy rain and sunshine. I was interested to observe how the ferns begin to grow on rocky banks. There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of nutrients, but they manage to live and grow. Amazing! We have so many varieties here. I don’t know much about the species, it would be something that would be good to find out more about.

I spent the rest of the morning inside. Kayden had school work to do and we were running low on baking so I multi-tasked between Maths, story writing, banana cake and peanut brownies. I also made some almond chocolate but forgot about it so we haven’t even tried it yet! Oops … tomorrow! This afternoon has been filled with knitting, reading and catching up with family. (I’ve almost finished my hoodie … tomorrow I hope!)

Banana cake, G-F chocolate chip and walnut biscuits, peanut brownies

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