Day 29 – 23/04/2020

View from our track, over our neighbour’s farm towards the Gentle Annie hills.

Today was grey and cloudy, but not too cold. Perfect for a good walk around our loop track. I fed Holly and set off to move her fence. It is her last break where she is and tomorrow I will need to put her in a fresh paddock. Laurie moved the sheep yesterday and they are now in the ‘Pioneer paddock’. We quietly walked through them and over to the gate into the Beehive paddock.

I checked the mail box when I passed it as I have been doing every day. Usually it is empty but you never know! Today there was a parcel for Kayden. It was from The Ministry of Education and labelled essential services. I thought I’d better take it up with me. He opened them when I got them home. It’s pretty impressive what they sent: reading, writing, science and other activities as well as writing books and pens and pencils. Thank you to the Ministry!

I went to town today. It’s the first time I have driven into Westport for 28 days! The weather deteriorated as I got closer to town. It rained, heavily. There was quite a bit of surface flooding. I got soaked!

At the supermarket I stood in line under the tarpaulin waiting for my turn to get in and do my shopping. I was also shopping for an over 70’s couple from our church. I finally got everything and packed it away in my ute. I then drove to the butcher who had processed our meat for us and picked up the corned beef. I dropped groceries off on the way home. The road that goes from Hector to Mokihinui is one of the most stunning drives. I never tire of it. A narrow band of road between the sea and hills, with a few houses and some developed land. I stopped at the Mussel Rocks lookout and watched the sea. I love the ebb and flow of the tides and the moods that the sea has. It’s a great place to sit and meditate and collect your thoughts.

Just before I got home I stopped on the Mokihinui bridge to take a couple of photos. They are not very good as it was heavy rain and I did not want to get out of the car!

Finally I was back to our driveway, opened the gate, changed the ute to 4WD and up to the house. Ahhh, it felt great to be back home!

Rata tree on the track up our hill

I walked the dogs in the rain tonight. It was good to stretch my legs after a day out. I’ve got a roster for work and start on Tuesday next week. I wonder if all the special times I’ve had over the last month will make a difference, and if so how?

Lovely sunset tonight. Maybe tomorrow will be a nice day. Kayden and I are going to make poppies to put near our mail box.

Sunset – view off our deck

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  1. terry says:

    Interesting to hear “mussel rocks ” still has the old name.


    1. wild4eva says:

      Before lock down, there were often people there at low tide getting a feed.


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