Day 33 – 27/04/2020

Radiant Range – covered in rain cloud

It was raining when I got up this morning, not what I was expecting. I sat inside in the dry and made a pot of tea, not all that enthusiastic to go out! Bo was barking and then Petra started, I couldn’t really put it off any longer, so out I went. I left Holly’s cover on when I fed her this morning. It didn’t seem all that cold but I was pretty sure the weather was going to get ugly as the morning progressed. I didn’t take any photos as I made my way around the track. It was wet and I just walked. It was kinda nice, just walking I had in mind that today is the last day that I will experience quite like this because tomorrow I will be going to work. My brain was already thinking about what I would need to take, how heavy my pack would be, thinking about kiwi, methodology and procedures. Aarrrggghhhh! Overload alert!

As I came up to the place in Rosie’s paddock where Laurie is building the goat shelter, there was no mistaking the work that he had put into the shelter yesterday. It is certainly going to be a five star shelter for Ollie, Ponga and Brontus, that’s for sure!

The goat shelter is beginning to take shape

As I walked up the hill the rain began to set in. It didn’t take tong to get totally satched! Still as I was walking it didn’t seem too bad. I think I am getting a bit fitter, the slog up the hill doesn’t seem too bad now. I noticed a couple of blue mushrooms out today.I suppose with the rain it’s been enough to set the spores to activate and grow.

By the time I got to the goat paddock the goats were more than ready to get out. They were waiting for me. I give them nuts each morning before putting them on fresh feed. Ollie didn’t know it but today was his last day up here. He has serviced Willow and Moon, so back to the lower paddock for him. We have a friend who wants her nanny goat serviced, I’m sure Ollie will be happy to oblige! I took Ollie down this afternoon, walking him down the drive. He’s such an easy fellow to handle. We had an amazing electrical storm this afternoon, thunder and lightning which seemed just overhead some of the time! And the rain! Man it was torrential. I thought when I took Ollie down to Rosie’s paddock there would be a lull in the weather. Who was I kidding? It pelted down and for the second time today I was wet to the skin. I needed another shower to dry off and warm up when I came in!

The rain was so heavy that creeks have formed where the water has run off the tracks. Willow and Moon weren’t very impressed with the one in front of their paddock! Well tomorrow I’m up at 5 am and will need to leave for work by 6 am. I’m sure Mica will be pretty happy to be out and with me, but equally Pearl and Petra won’t be happy to be left behind. Me? A game of two halves – hopefully I’ll get to write tomorrow but for now haere ra.

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