Alert level 3 – day 2 – 29/4/20

I’m dog tired tonight! I’ve had a big day and I’m already in bed struggling to stay awake. Tonight I’m writing on my phone and it will be brief … mainly photos.

It was pretty dark when I left for work this morning. There was a hint of pink over the Radiant Range. Mica was in her dog box on the back of the ute. It’s pretty good travelling for the dogs. I stopped by the side of the road and took some photos of the sea.

I had a full on day in the bush today with no kiwi captured. It was hot, sweaty work in dense jungly bush. Lots of hill climbing, slipping and sliding and even a little bit of scrambling around on knees. I have a few new bruises and tired achy muscles.

I did see some awesome views from up above Millerton this sfternoon. The visability was so clear and crisp.

Looking towards Karamea
Looking towards the Glasgow Range
Looking out to sea

Well that’s it from me tonight … time for some Zzzzzzs!

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  1. terry. says:

    Great view. Is taht from on the Radiant range ?


    1. wild4eva says:

      Hi Terry. The photo of the view is taken up above Millerton. Stunning isn’t it?


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