Day 3 – 27/03/2020

Sunset view from our deck.

I’m starting backwards tonight! Twice each year for about three weeks the sun sets directly in the gap between the hills on each side of our view to the sea. Tonight’s sunset was not disappointing in its grandioseness. I stood out on our deck and took a photo every 15 minutes until the sun was gone. The colours of the clouds was indescribably beautiful, it’s a struggle to find adjectives that give it justice. I’ll just let the pictures paint a thousand words …

The clouds in the sky were unreal

Today was beautiful: blue sky, sunshine and a fresh Easterly breeze; perfect for getting the washing dry. I had another bush walk with the dogs this morning. There was an old track of sorts but it quickly turned into supplejack and kiekie. It’s always hard to navigate your way through the tangle of jumbled vines. Poor ol’ Bo got stuck in some Bush Lawyer and cried for the pain and frustration of it all. He got out but I think he was pretty pleased when we got back onto the driveway!

I got two rats in our traps đŸ™‚ Laurie said he saw a big brown rat in the vege garden. We’ve had trouble with rats in the garden, they eat our produce before we get it ourselves. It’s so frustrating watching your plants grow only to have them snatched away by rodents. I put a rat trap in a box in the garden last night and lo and behold – there was a big brown dead rat in it this morning! I was stoked. I’ve left the trap in there tonight, perhaps there are more out there.

The apples are all sorted and I’ve begun to process them – no not apple cider! I’d like to learn how to make it though, perhaps next year. This year the best apples are kept for eating, second best are de-cored and pulped down for freezing and the not so good ones are cooked up with the cores to be made into apple jelly. It’s a slow and labourous job, but worth it for the outcome. While processing the apples I listened to a really good Radio NZ podcast about the history of our country. It is in 16 parts and so far I have listened to three.

Apples on the stove top. Preserving pan for pulping and pot for jelly

This afternoon Kayden and Laurie cut some fire wood and then Kayden and I went for a walk. He challenged himself to try to climb a shingle slip. Kayden managed to get so far but was unable to reach his goal. He says he’ll take a rope next time! We got some mushrooms for dinner which we cooked with garlic slices. A yummy ending to a wonderful day.

Kayden and Petra on the shingle slide

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