Day 4 – 28/03/2020

Rimu tree under a beautiful blue sky

I can’t believe what a stunner of a day we have had. Honestly there wasn’t a cloud in the sky until early afternoon and even then it was only the odd puffy white cumulus. I had a real spring in my step when I went out this morning. The dogs and I set off along the track and walked the top loop track, with a few detours for fungi hunts. In one area on the side of the track I spotted a cluster of tiny blue mushrooms poking their heads through the bare dirt. I named them Te whanau o nga kahurangi , (the family of blues). It will be interesting to watch them grow and mature over time.

The dogs had a great time on our walk. The three females are most energetic and sniff, run and play together. I think Bo is a bit unsure after the bush lawyer incident and he stayed pretty close to me. We went to one of my favourite spots, where we have beech trees growing and big rata and broadleaf trees. I love the way the light comes through the trees and lights the leaves.

Today there were more apples to process and also cheese to make. I felt like I was in the kitchen for most of the day and the sun was shining! Still, most of the apples are in the freezer and I have a second lot on the stove as I write this and the rennet has been added into the cheese mix. I can finish it off in the morning.

Apples for freezing (pan) and for jelly (pot). Milk for cheese.

Laurie bought a trailer load of soil down to the house from the top of the track so that we could top up the planter boxes on the edge of our deck. Over time the chooks and weka have scratched the dirt out and they were only half full. It’s a bit of a challenge to grow anything as they invariably get dug out again. However I do try for Spring bulbs, they always give some colour and cheer in what is often a wet time of the year. The surpus soil was for the herb garden which has been badly neglected by yours truly and is in dire need of some work and tender loving care. Kayden came and helped but then took a break to capture the work.

To complete the day we had a yummy apple sponge with custard for desert and were treated to another amazing sunset. Feeling tired now and more than ready for some Zzzzzzs!

apple sponge
Another epic sunset

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