Day 6 – 30/03/2020

Beautiful reds ( I think Cortinarius vinicolor)

Today was a day for the reds! It’s interesting how quickly the Entomola hochstetteri (blue mushrooms) have become so common! I have had so many people message me saying they would love to see one, and here was I hungry for another colour. I think there is a message about human nature in there!! Anyway I was showing Laurie some chainsawing that I had done a week or so ago to clear some scrub for a new fence line. We were chatting and he had just given me some tips for cutting down some small trees when lo and behold! There at our feet was the reddest of red pair of mushrooms. I quickly came back to the house to get a camera and on closer inspection discovered an entire family in one very small area. It so totally made my morning – I was stoked. I hope you like them too!

On my walk this morning I took the dogs up to have a look at the work Laurie did yesterday. He’s been on a firewood mission. Because we use a wood burner for cooking and hot water we chew through the wood pretty quickly. Up at the top of the loop track Laurie had cut down a dead standing tree and he’s now in the process of cutting it up for firewood. While up there he also is working on the track which is exciting, eventually I hope I can ride Holly around the Loop. As always Petra likes to check everything out and Laurie’s work was no exception. For a moment I thought she might jump onto the seat of the digger, but no, she just wanted a look.

Petra checking out Laurie’s work and the digger

I made some more apple jelly this morning and then spent a few hours tidying up some work that was needed for a report. By the time I’d finished it was after 1:00 pm. How the time flies! I was keen to get outside and enjoy the wonderful day. I’m on a bit of a mission in the vegetable garden to tidy it up. With work and other commitments I find it a challenge to keep up with the garden. We have produce in there – it’s just over grown with weeds. I am trying to spend at least half an hour each day pulling weeds and generally tidying up. The trouble with setting that type of schedule is the obligation to follow it through! A good discipline but it does bind you to it. I suppose in the long run that’s a good thing because the work is getting done! All too soon it was time to light the fire, run the dogs and bring the goats in. We had another spectacular sunset tonight but I didn’t stop to take a photo … dinner was a bit late and the family were waiting. As an experiment I made a polenta chilli cake to go with out meal; a resounding success!

Polenta Chilli Cake

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  1. Rowan says:

    Enjoy your blog keep doing it .what a shame some groups have there head in clouds especially with what people comment on at times lol


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