Day 7 – 31/03/2020

View of the Radiant Range from the top of the Loop Track

Another beautiful day Inthebush today, although there is a nip in the morning air. I was thinking of frosts and cold toes as I let the dogs out. As always the dogs were super keen to get out and stretch their legs. I am conscious that I need to keep Mica fit. Once we are able to go back to work I have kiwi to catch and replace transmitters on. The transmitters last one year and two of ‘my’ birds had their transmitters put on in April 2019. It will be a real mission to catch them again if we can’t track in on them and have a general idea of their location. Mica is pretty good, but great spotted kiwi have huge territories and it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Myself with kiwi Rocky and Mica in background. After a transmitter change in 2019.

Laurie has had another busy day cutting firewood and now our sheds are full, with nicely split wood. It’s always comforting to have plenty of wood before winter! He has also finished he Loop Track, which is very exciting. He drove the tractor around it today. I’ve walked it but have yet to take Holly around, I’m looking forward to it though.

We went and got Ollie this afternoon.Ollie is a billy goat. I found him on the side of our track about 3 years ago and hand raised him. He is now banished from around the house and lives in Rosie’s paddock with our two wether goats, Ponga and Brontus. He always likes coming up here where there is a shelter in the paddock with straw in it, nuts in a bucket, hay at night and most importantly of all, Willow and Moon! He’s in Billy heaven! The girls are not so happy to have a smelly boy to boss them around! I expect he will be up here for the next month or so. I took some photos of him on the trailer to show you but when I downloaded them earlier they were all fuzzy. I’ll try and remember to take a good photo of him tomorrow.

The rest of today has been spent in the vegetable garden and with a bit of house work. The garden is coming along quite well. I picked some tomatoes this evening and think I will try and harvest the first of the pumpkins tomorrow. We had another amazing sunset tonight. I’ll close this blog with a couple of photos of the sunset – simply stunning!

Happy end of March – wonder what April will bring?

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