Day 13 – 7/04/2020

From our driveway, looking toward Radiant Range and Karamea Bluff

We got our promised rain today, although it was less than I was expecting. When I got up this morning we’d had a few showers but it wasn’t raining when I went outside. In fact it was quite pleasant. I shifted Holly yesterday, she is on the track that runs below our house and down to the road. We don’t use this access often as it has slumped a bit and isn’t as well maintained, it’s still okay for 4WD though. I’m break feeding Holly which means I need to move a wire fence each day so she has a fresh break of grass. This morning I took all the dogs with me and after moving Holly’s break we walked down to the road. I was hoping I might find a few mushrooms as they sometimes grow down this end of our place, but not today. Lots of puff balls though! There is not much traffic outside of the milk tankers and a few transport trucks, so I walked the dogs along the road to our mail box and the main driveway up the hill. It’s a bit of a slog but I’m starting to feel that I’m losing my fitness and have put on a few kilos that I don’t really need or want to carry around. Hopefully a good walk uphill will help tone me up! We passed the cows and calves and had a check of the sheep and Ponga and Brontus, (the two whether goats). The climb actually wasn’t too bad, though I was puffing a bit! When the track was joined by the new top loop track I continued uphill and walked that loop as well. A good run for the dogs and a bit of a work out for the human!!

Not long after I got in it started to rain and Laurie and I both prepared for an inside day. I have been spending a bit of time each day sorting through photos from my phone to my computer and filing them in folders. I have heaps of plant and fungi photos, so I am doing my best to identify them and put them in folders with their scientific name. Most I am okay with but some I have the books out to help. It’s good reinforcement of learning.

I made some more cheese today – I think it will be good.The texture and smell are just right. I’ve got it in a mold overnight and will take it out in the morning to salt and then refrigerate. I also made some more chocolate today. I put photos up on my Facebook page of the last lot and quite a few people wanted the recipe. I hope they made it and enjoyed it as much as we have. This time I felt a bit more confident so made cranberry and coconut flavour. It’s pretty yummy. We had it for dessert after dinner tonight.

When our children were young I used to make all our own bread. That was 4 loaves every 2 days! I don’t make bread much these days – we tend to buy it. However tonight I made soup for dinner and thought I’d make a fociccia bread. I put sundried tomatoes, olives and feta cheese in it and it wasn’t half bad. It’s a bit of a pain making bread because I am gluten-free in my diet and Laurie and Kayden aren’t, so that usually means two of everything. One GF and one regular!! It was fun making the bread though.

The animals were pretty keen to get in tonight. Goats do not like getting wet! They have a shelter in their night paddock with straw in it, so I expect they will be cuddled up in there snug and dry! The chooks had a good run and scratch around outside and they are now shut in their coop, again warm and dry. Dogs are fed and sleeping in their kennels, Holly had her hay and will be head down eating – she hardly ever stops! My eyes are a bit tired – must be time for me to get snug and warm too! Night 🙂

A big rata tree and low bush

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