Day 14 – 8/04/2020

Moon rise – from our deck

Well today is an anniversary – of sorts – it is two weeks today since the company I work for said, “we are not an essential service – no work.” How the world, as I know it, has changed in that time. Home is the safe place and we now spend the majority of our time there. I can’t imagine what it must be like in a city or an apartment building. I value the open spaces; the sound of the river and the sea, the call of birds, smells of the earth and bush, the patterns in nature, tall tress and tiny fungi and ferns, sunsets and the night sky. Space to laugh out loud, dance under the trees and sing at the top of my voice into the wind as it blows through my hair! Things to do: care for animals, walk, bike ride, horse ride, garden, home care and craft as well as a family to interact with. Appreciation of things often not expressed, I am grateful.

I’ve had a lovely day today. I went for a good walk this morning with the dogs. I moved Holly’s fence and then continued my walk back up the steep part of the hill. It was good to check the cows, sheep and goats, to feel the morning sun and have the time to think about the things on my mind; family, friends and things to do at home. Once home, I removed the cheese from its mold, salted it and have put it in the fridge.It looks pretty good. I didn’t take a photo but will before we eat it in a couple of days. There likely won’t be much more home-made cheese this season because Willow is now giving less than one litre of milk. That’s barely enough for us for day to day use without extra for cheese making. Hopefully next Spring, I’ll have two milking goats and a bit more milk. I’m pretty keen to learn how to make goat’s milk soap. If I can supply milk and make cheese and soap I will be very happy! The goats are quite a lot of work, but that will make it all worthwhile!

I’ve spent quite a lot of time knitting today and the wee hoodie I have been working on for our grandson is finished! I only need to sew the buttons on, (which I’ll do tonight after I finish writing this!). Now that I’ve finished baby knitting for a bit I can get my own hoodie that I’ve been knitting for almost three years! I also have quilt that I’m sewing and some cross stitch. Ah, no idle hands here!

Laurie and Kayden carried on working on our track today. It’s a lot of work, but good to get all the ruts tidied up before Winter sets in. I did a bit more time in the vegetable garden. I’ve got some seed pots prepared with seed raising mix to put seeds into tomorrow. I plan to plant peas, lettuce, silver beet and spinach. That should keep us going.

Tonight is a full moon – a seriously full moon!! Honestly it’s like daylight outside. The sky is a bit cloudy which makes for awesome photos. We had Kayden’s telescope out and enjoyed the moon-rise. I took my camera on an evening walk and got a few pictures. What a treat, the colours and patterns are amazing. I feel at peace.

And here’s my favourite … night 🙂

Moon rise – from the dog kennels

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  1. that moon was gorgeous. There seems to be less light pollution (or I’m getting too used to it) out here on the city fringe.


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