Day 15 – 9/04/2020

Clouds in the valley between Glasgow and Radiant Ranges

Walking round the tracks this morning was clear, crisp, cool and very invigorating. I was enthralled by the mist in the gully between the Glasgow and Radiant Ranges. It sort of hovered then rose with finger-like tendrils into the cloudless blue sky. The landscape around us is spectacular. I was thinking this morning about when I was a young girl of about 10 or 11 years. I lived with my grandparents on a sheep and cattle station in the North Island and that time molded and influenced the me I am today. I used to day dream that when I was grown up I would marry, have 6 children and live on a farm with lots of animals, (and especially have my own horse). Well … now I live my dream, sometimes I have to pinch myself as I realize that it is true! However the reality of the life-style is that it is very hard work! Today I slumped into the doldrums and struggled to get motivated. I don’t really want it but I sometimes think it would be so easy to turn on a switch and not think about if you have made enough power today, or use an electric oven and not have to light the fire or bring the wood in, or pop down to the dairy and buy a bottle of milk instead of milking the goat. That’s my dark side, fortunately it doesn’t appear all that often and I can’t entertain those thoughts as they won’t get the family fed or my chores done!

We had two video chats today, the first with some of our church family and the other with our son, and our new grandson. It’s an odd state of space and time that keeps us home bound and yet the Internet gives us the freedom of cyber-conversations. I found that the time and energy taken though was a tad distracting from the rhythm that I have developed in my bubble at home. I don’t want to become introvertive into my own life at home and need to pull myself out of that space! It seems I am not alone in my feelings and perhaps it is a side effect of our lock down status.

I had a go at making marshmallow today. I had an idea that I would like to make Easter eggs. However, my attempt was a dismal failure! I tried to make them vegan as I didn’t have any gelatin, but I don’t think the mix will set. Perhaps it will make a caramello type filling for chocolate! I did get the buttons sewn onto my new grandson’s hoodie and am pretty pleased with the results. I think Laurie will post it up on Saturday when he heads into town.

Hoodie knitted for baby grandson

We had another awesome sunset tonight – I am sure it must be the promise of tomorrow being a stunner … looking forward to that and … Easter holidays, YAH!!!!

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