Day 19 – 13/04/2020

Mokihinui River – high and dirty after a night’s rain

Well we’ve had an abrupt introduction to winter weather in the last 24 hours. Last night was wet and windy. I woke several times during the night to hear the whistling of the wind through the trees outside. When we looked off the deck this morning the river was up. Laurie commented that there must have been more rain in the back country than what we had here. When I set off to do my morning chores, there was a break from the rain and although the clouds were low, the sun looked like it was trying to peep through.

The river was high and the sea rough and noisy

I took Holly’s cover off, waited for her to finish her feed, then slipped her halter on and led her down the hill to a fresh break of grass. Not too long ago Holly was a race horse and brood mare. The farrier who comes and trims her hooves looked up her brand and found out quite a bit of information about her. She’s won a few races, made a bit of money and had three foals – all of whom race. I don’t think though that she has lived on a farm or had to cope with looking too hard for food! She is a very willing learner and has a kind nature, but lacks confidence and experience in this new world she finds herself in. She tends to hang around the gate rather than wander off to find her grass, so hence me leading her down to her break of fresh grass this morning.

Holly; head down enjoying the fresh green grass

The dogs and I left Holly grazing and continued on our way. At our letterbox Petra stopped and seemed to indicate. She then walked over to it, got up on her hind legs and was sniffing at it. I opened the box and there was a bag of quinces! I don’t think I would have looked in if Petra hadn’t indicated. The quinces were from a friend so that I can make some quince jelly, (Mmmmm!).

The rain had set in by the time I got up our hill and I was satched before I came in for breakfast. After breakfast I set about to do some baking. I listen to audio books while I work and before long the oven was busy baking and warm delicious smells filled the kitchen.

During the early afternoon we had a pretty good thunder storm and some heavy squally rain. Then it hailed! Not just light hail either, this was really heavy and good sized stones. Kayden opened the ranch slider to get some to eat! After that the sun came out, but before too long another front with thunder and hail came through. When I went outside not long ago to give some bones to the dogs I noticed how cold it feels and it is raining again!

I’ve started knitting my hoodie that I started about two years ago. I seem to get right into it and then stop to knit something for someone else; beanies, gloves, baby knitting. I am determined to get it finished for this winter. It’s a bit of a challenging knit as it is on circular needles and knitted all in one. I’m up to the hood, so the finish line is in sight! I heard today that tomorrow is the last day of school holidays and home-school will start on Wednesday. That will mean a bit of time management. We seem to have fallen into a fairly relaxed timetable up here!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Cheryl Roberts says:

    Thats a lot of rain, feel cold looking at the hail.


  2. warren cain says:

    is your quince jelly as good as your grans.


    1. wild4eva says:

      I think so! Hard standard to attain though 🙂


    2. wild4eva says:

      I hope so! Maybe I can send you some?


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