Day 20 – 14/04/2020

The view from our deck of the Glasgow Ranges at 7:30 this morning

What a surprise when we looked out of the window this morning. I know it was cold last night, but SNOW! Seriously! It was pretty cloudy first thing, but once that cloud cleared the sky was a stunning blue. The contrast between the Glasgow Range and the sky was stark and made a simply amazing profile. I found that where ever I walked this morning my eyes were drawn to the spectacle of the snowy ridgeline.

The dogs and I moved the sheep for Lauire this morning. It didn’t really require much from me, just opening and closing a gate. Having four dogs at my heels gave the sheep a pretty strong message and they pretty much moved themselves. Too easy!

Up at the top of the loop track, the light was unreal. Looking through the tree branches was such a pretty and vibrant colour. To top the moment off a bush robin came quite close to check us out. I don’t see too many of them on our place, but it was so good to spot one.

The Glasgow Range, after the cloud lifted to reveal a stunning panorama

I spent most of today inside. Silly for such a lovely day – I know! However I am on a project that I haven’t picked up for a while. I am making my first ever quilt. This quilt is also for the new grandson that I have yet to meet! Today was the actual quilting day. I was a tad nervous about getting my sewing machine out and doing it! I had bought a new foot for my machine especially for the job and figured I had better justify the expense. I’ve been watching a series of YouTube videos that I found on Pinterest and I am thankful for the step – by – step instructions. I have completed the quilting, it took me most of the day and a lot of concentration! I think it’s okay. The next step is to square my work off and then the final binding! Hopefully I don’t ruin it after coming this far!

In a few places around our property we have rat traps and some stoat kill traps. They are in weka proof boxes, which means we only catch and kill the pests. Petra has become adept at indicating whether or not there is a kill in the trap. She pretty much checks the traps and I only need to go to them to re-bait or clean out a kill. Today she indicated a trap that we have just off the main driveway track. Sure enough there was a grey rat inside it. One less to create havoc in the environment! I am sure that each one we catch makes a difference and that the bird life, (especially the bush birds) will become even more abundant.

There’s a rat in there!
Let me at it!

It’s a bit of a squally ol’ night tonight. Showers are coming through and it is oh, so dark! Good night to be tucked up by the fire. I’ve promised Kayden a bit of time playing monopoly tonight, so best go before it’s bed time. School at home tomorrow: holidays are over!

Rain out to sea – view off our deck

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Christine Ellis says:

    Love your commentary, and thank you for the photos of where we were born and our Family lived. Can I give you a whispered piece of advice, please? Your quilt looks lovely. Well done! Maybe you already know. Get yourself some of those fishing gloves – the cotton ones with the dots on. I was told of them and, trust me, they make handling your quilts much easier.


    1. wild4eva says:

      Hi Christine – thanks for your message! Glad you are enjoying the blogs. It has become my evening ritual now! Also thanks for the tip re: gloves for quilting. I didn’t know about using fisher gloves! However the YouTube videos that I am watching did recommend quilting gloves. Guess I’ll need to wait until after lockdown!!!
      Where abouts did you live?
      Kind regards


  2. Elaine Mulholland says:

    Morning, it’s Elaine here, Seddonville is my home town and I just love your photos..
    they are fabulous..
    Quiet like your lifestyle as well 😊
    Elaine Mulholland


    1. wild4eva says:

      Thanks Elaine – it sure is a special place. Thank you for your kind words!


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