Day 21 – 15/04/2020

A foggy morning – walking down our track

I quite like the fog. I like the way the familiar becomes unfamiliar. I like the way sound muffles and sounds far away. I like the way the green of the grasses and tree foliage seems so bright. I like how edges seem less harsh and sharp. I like the way spider’s webs and threads show so clearly. I like the moisture on my face. I like the smallness of my visual world. Just as well because this morning the fog in the lowlands rose to meet the clouds of the sky and the Earth wore fog like a cloak of home-spun grey. I was smiling as I walked this morning.

As I got closer to the top of our hill the fog was beginning to clear and I could see the blue sky beginning to peep through. A small fantail was following me and chirpily peep peeping away. Petra is so funny, she thinks that the flittering of the fantails is fascinating. She indicates them and sneaks through the bush, never taking her eyes from them. Of course she would never catch one, they are way too clever for her!

Well as I mentioned yesterday, school holidays are over and it seems as though I spent most of my morning supervising ‘school work’. When our children were young, (we have five sons), we home-schooled. It became a life-style that I really enjoyed and influenced me into becoming a trained teacher. That was a long time ago now and I haven’t taught since I finished up at Granity School about 11 years ago! Today Kayden and I worked together on on-line Maths, did some writing and reading. Then Kayden worked on a video he is making and had a real time chat with his teacher and class friends.

The morning seemed to fly by with all my plans of ‘things I’d like to do today’ put on hold. I did get my quilt out this afternoon and have cut it square and pinned the border on. I don’t like the border – I think the colours are wrong. I might have to take that part back to the design phase and look at some other options. Fortunately I’ve got more material.

Well, that’s about my day. I’m a bit tired and a bit flat this evening. Am hopeful for a good night’s sleep.

Holly waiting for me to feed her – at the gate this morning

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  1. Cheryl Roberts says:

    Beautiful views Lynne. I love the look of the fog, but definitely don’t like driving in it.
    I hope you have a better day today, and ur full of beans (not baked beans) 🙂
    Its so cool reading your journey, esp since visiting you and seeing your amazing home etc.
    Hopefully catch up again next year xx


  2. wild4eva says:

    Thanks Cheryl, I don’t like driving it it much either, although we often do at work! Be lovely to see you again! Stay well xx


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