Alert level 3 – day 5 – 2/05/2020

Pearl looking at the rain coming in from the North

Today had the promise of rain. We had a heavy rain warning and strong winds forecast. I love the wind. As it whips through my hair I feel energised. I want to run and dance and shout for joy. And I do! It makes the dogs crazy. They bark and jump all around. I walk down and look at the river. The rhythms of the water as it makes its way out to the sea is constant.

Kayden and I took some hay down to tbe goats in Rosie’s paddock. Laurie has been painting the new goat shelter and it looks pretty sharp! I’m sure they’ll be in there tonight sheltering from the storm!

I spent this morning outside in the garden. Laurie had put soil into the herb garden with the digger. I got the shovel and grubber and got stuck in spreading the soil. It’s not finished yet, but feels good to have made a good start. Once that was done I went into the vege garden and worked for an hour or so.

The herb garden is coming together

Kayden and I watched a movie this afternoon. The wind started picking up. I thought I’d better put the goats away and cover Holly early. I let the dogs out and hoped to run them before the rain arrived.

Stormy skies over the Radiant Range
Looking towards the end of the Glasgow Range and the beginning of the Radiant Range

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