Alert level 3 – Day 9 – 7/05/2020

Looking from our driveway – East between two ridges (Glasgow and Radiant)

It’s been a few days since I have written. Nature’s rhythms have been active in that time; rain, floods, gale force winds, hail and sunshine. We have had it all and among all the weather cycles, one of my dearest friends was dying. I was admitted into her bubble under the rules of palliative care, and so I have been travelling into Westport regularly to visit my friend during her last days. It has been a very emotional journey, as she passed from life on earth to life in heaven. I have alternated in my feelings; from happiness to despair, and back and around, up and down. It’s rather exhausting! A small ‘ bubble’ funeral was held yesterday and a memorial service will be held at a later date when travel restrictions are lifted. As I sit and write this the surealness of the time is very tangible and I know there will be a gap in my heart for a very long time.

I feel very fortunate to have a beautiful place where I can walk, ponder, problem solve, heal and meditate. Nature has turned on a wondrous display of fungi on our property and it has become a passion of mine to foray for and photograph the different species that I find. I am trying to file my photos and name them at the same time. I didn’t learn Latin at school and have no formal botanical or ecological education, but I enjoy the challenge and discovery involved with this task. Thankfully I have a couple of very good books! Just as well the season for fungi isn’t too long or I’d never get anything else done!

The season is changing. Yesterday we had our first taste of winter. Down the bottom of our hill there was a frost. Brrrrr! Ice on the gate and frost on the ground. I must confess I am not a winter gal, I prefer the sunshine and the heat. I don’t like cold, however, I must concede that the contrasting light and stark lines of winter are beautiful. I like looking at the lines of the mountain ranges in the winter light. Fortunately we don’t get as many frost up here on top of the hill and it is often not until we drive down that we realize how cold it actually is. We usually miss out on the cold wind that travels up the Mokihinui River as well, (no complaints about that either).

Well I am still feeling a tad out of sorts so might go and watch a movie, (yah for WiFi as we don’t have a TV). Laurie is on night shift so I think it’s a night for a glass of pinot noir, some knitting and a bit of light entertainment. I’ll leave you with some landscape pics from the last few days … Night!

Rain and a dirty and swollen river

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  1. Tracy says:

    Hi Lynne
    Tracy here again.
    My truly sincere condolences about your friend… take time to look after yourself.
    I’ll touch base again soon, but I just wanted to say that I’m thinking of you.
    Grief is very personal and it comes in waves…
    Take care

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    1. wild4eva says:

      Many thanks for your kind thoughts Tracy- I appreciate them


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