Alert level 2 – Queen’s birthday – Saturday 30/05/2020

View over Millerton looking North along the West Coast.

I’m not really a royalist, but every Queen’s birthday weekend I heartily say, “God bless the Queen!” as I enjoy a long weekend in her honour! I mean I do admire the queen, I guess her life is one of privilege, but it’s also one of service and public scrutiny. I’m happy and content in my own world and wouldn’t swap!

Covid 19 has been a bit of a game changer in many ways, and I am very aware that we haven’t been out and about much. I’m quite happy with that as there is plenty of scope for things to do here at home, but acknowledge there are times when it is good to get out and off our property. I like exploring places I haven’t been to before and if they are local all the better. Two weekends ago Kayden and I, with our friend Faye walked the Millerton bath house track. We discovered that the track goes on a bit further and decided that we would like to walk it one day. Today was that day!

The day dawned with the promise of sunshine and clear skies. It was coolish, but that’s to be expected – after all it is almost winter! Once all the morning chores were finished we set off on our way. The drive to Granity from ours is really beautiful; first we travel along the Mokihinui River and then we follow the coast along the Nikau Straight, past Mussel Rocks and into Hector, through Ngakawau and turn off in Granity to climb ‘up the hill’ to Millerton. I always enjoy the sea views with the changing moods and colours; today was sparkling blue with few white caps and quite flat, didn’t look good for surfers but maybe for boaters and fishers.

After parking the car we set off and were soon beyond the bath house and then the old mine and into territory that was new to us. We could see track markers in the distance and realised we had quite a hike in front of us. Our first surprise was an old dam. We walked along the top of the structure.

Kayden walking along the top of the old dam

We still had quite a way to walk and climb. The track is fairly steep and rocky, marked periodically with track markers or stone cairns. Kayden diligently added to each one that we passed.

Adding a rock to a cairn on the way up the track

Before long we were climbing what seemed like a mountain goat track! It was steep and very uneven with loose rocks and slippery areas. Oh! But the views were spectacular! Breathtakingly so! I don’t have enough adjectives to explain, (or maybe exclaim) the view. Simply amazing!

I’m sure you can imagine we were puffing a bit and wondering if we would ever reach the top. Eventually we did. We could hear the sounds of machinery working at the mine but didn’t get to see much. Through the binoculars we spotted an excavator and I could point out a few landmarks to Kayden but that was about it. It was time to clamber down. My favourite photo of the day is the next one of Kayden walking along the track under a rocky ledge, with the Glasgow Ranges in the background.

Walking along the track under a rocky ledge
On the way down from the top

We were pretty chuffed with ourselves when we got back to the ute. Walking that track felt like a real accomplishment. I guess it didn’t take all that long – maybe 2 1/2 hours but it was a real workout and you need a reasonable level of fitness to get up there. Worth it though ? Yup, definitely!

I’ve been up to quite a bit since I last wrote, but will leave those stories for another day. For now it’s time to lax out before a good night’s sleep!

Making memories – Grandma and grandson – sharing a selfie on the Millerton track!

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  1. Cheryl Roberts says:

    Thanks Lynne, felt like i was enjoying the view with you. amazing views and sounds like a great climb for those of good fitness.
    I’ll sit back and visualize it from here 🙂 xx


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