Alert level 2 – getting back to ‘normal’ – 17/05/2020

Good morning – overlooking the Mokihinui River from our deck
The Glasgow Range – from our deck this morning

What a spectacular day we have had today. This morning dawned crisp and clear, with only a few clouds out to sea. It was nice to step out and enjoy the clean air and bird song while the sun rose over the radiant Range. I never tire of the views or the different moods in the weather that we have here. Holly, the horse, has taken over a new role. She has become our unofficial lawn mower. There are no shrubs for her to graze and she is quite sensible where she goes, so has free range around the house. She can go down the drive for good grass but seems to prefer hanging out around the house and people. She gets nuts every morning and hay at night. Her winter coat is thick and snuggley – I think she is looking pretty good. Plus I like looking out the window and there she is!

Holly grazing the front lawn

Under alert level 2 churches are not allowed to meet. Our small church has divided into smaller groups of no more than 10 and we meet in people’s homes. It was nice to see some friends today! After our meeting Kayden, our friend Faye, her dog Pippa and I went for a walk to the Millerton bath house. Millerton is a small settlement up above Granity , that was once a thriving coal mine town. Some of the structures and foundations are still to be found and there are well formed tracks to walk on. We had a beautiful time; talking, exploring, walking and finding a few fungi!

What a treat! On the way back to Faye’s house we walked down the ‘100 steps’. We decided to count them – I counted 104, Faye got 106 and Kayden got 108! We are all sure we counted correctly – there will have to be a re-count another day!

On the way home Kayden and I stopped to look at the sea. The water was pretty calm for West Coast sea with the light from the sun shining and glittering on the waves.

Looking North along the Nikau Straight towards Mokihinui

All to soon it was time to run dogs, feed animals and light the fire to cook dinner. We had an amazing sunset and tonight’s night sky is so clear. Kayden and Laurie have been out with the telescope looking at stars and the Milky Way. Good night Sunday and thank you for such a day!

Sunset off the deck

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