Lockdown Level 4 – Day 8

Well. here we are again – in lockdown. The entire country of New Zealand has been closed down by our government as the ‘Delta variant’ of Covid-19 spreads it’s way through sectors of some communities. Down here in the South Island, there are no known cases, so ‘we’ are ever hopeful levels will change for us when the call is made on Friday.

For us at home, Inthebush, life carries on with the pulse and rhythms of nature as we go about daily tasks and enjoy the world around us in our family bubble. The overarching purpose of my blog writing has always been to share some of that life, with you the reader, in the hope it brings a smile to your face and some warmth to your heart … so once again, I invite you to journey with me.

Last night’s view off the deck, looking towards the Mokihinui River and out to sea. The glass holds a nice cold apple cider.

Holly the horse doesn’t like to be by herself. She hangs around the house even though there isn’t much grass. Yesterday I decided to ride her down the driveway and leave her where there was plenty of fresh grass. I hadn’t ridden her for a while but I put her bridle on, (after her breakfast), and rode her with just her cover on down the hill. (Yes, I did have a hard hat on!) There is something about being on the back of a horse! The rhythm of their bodies and the sync of you with them, the smell and just being that little bit higher as you move along. Holly still retains a bit of the race horse that she was, so the trip down our steep hill was fairly brisk! The dogs; Mica, Pearl and Petra all came along with us. The weather was calm and still and birds were very vocal as they went about their morning business. I was certainly in a happy place! We arrived at the paddock we call ‘The Lane’ and I slid of Holly’s back and removed her bridle. She immediately put her head down and started eating!

Riding Holly down our hill
Holly with her head down in The Lane paddock

The dogs and I left Holly and we walked along the road and went through our other road gate to walk up the other side of our track. We meandered our way up the hill towards the house. I couldn’t see Holly across the paddock and I couldn’t help but wonder if she’d stayed where I’d left her. I heard a karearea (NZ falcon), cry it’s familiar “Kkkkkk” call from the sky high above us. We’ve had a few around of late. A few days ago I watched two of them attack a hawk. They are amazing birds of prey and masters of the airways! There were also kereru (native pigeon) in the trees. It’s not often you hear their call but the distinctive swoosh of their wings gives them away. We were also followed by fantails and could hear other birds chirping in the bushes around us. I was really excited to see clematis (Clematis paniculata), in the bush. It seems to me to be a sign of Spring! The colour is very vibrant at the moment and it sits nicely against the greens of the West Coast bush.

The walk up our hill is a bit of a slog. I had taken a layer off and was puffing by the time I got back home. I gave the dogs their breakfast and put them into their respective kennels. When I walked inside the house my family were laughing at me. I wondered why, until I looked out of the window.

Holly – back at home!

So much for good intentions!!!!

The weather cleared up in the afternoon and I was able to get out into the garden and get some well overdue weeding done. As the afternoon progressed the temperature rose and it was really pleasant outside. I had a zoom meeting, so I sat out on the deck and participated with others from all over NZ . Technology is an amazing thing that allows us to meet with others. To finish today’s writing I thought I’d share one final photo that I took last night.

Til next time – bye šŸ™‚

Moon rising over the Radiant Ranges ( North East view from our kitchen window. The bright light in the ) mid-right is a flying bug of some description.

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  1. Craig says:

    Well that was a really good story. Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. wild4eva says:

      Thanks Craig šŸ™‚ Glad you enjoyed it!


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