Level 4 lockdown – day 9

Blue Creek – on the Top Loop Track

This morning was one of those days where staying in bed was quite a nice option. That is until the dogs start barking because they want to get out of their kennels. So … with some level of reluctance I got up and headed out – might I say while the rest of the household enjoyed their sleep-ins!! There had been rain in the early morning and it was quite wet and muddy underfoot. My gumboots sloshed through the mud and puddles. Firstly I let the three dogs out. They were happy to see me, tails wagging and smiley faces. Holly was leaning against the gate and let out a soft nicker as she turned around to come into the yard.

I took Mica and Petra’s jackets off and then set about getting Holly her breakfast. Two scoops of feed and four scoops of lucerne chaff. Mix it all up and you have one very happy horse. I took Holly’s cover off, as the morning while overcast and grey, was not cold. Once Holly was happily munching I set about making the goat’s breakfast. Willow and Moon are in kid and are looking very pregnant. I think that Moon will kid first as she looks much closer that Willow. They get more food than Star and Misty, last season’s kids who are now teenage girls (in goat years). I take the four buckets to the goat paddock. Each goat is waiting in her place. They are creatures of habit, and always expect to be fed in the exact same place! I tie the older two up otherwise they will pinch the younger goats food!

The goats in their shelter eating hay, Moon ( purple collar), Willow (red collar), Misty (near Willow) and Star (behind Willow)

Once the goats are happily feeding I wander back to the feed shed and get some breakfast for the chooks. They let me know if I’m late, squawking at me as I open the door to the hen house. They have their food put out and each morning I always empty their water, clean the container and put fresh water in for the day. Now it’s time to check the rat traps around the house. I have six around the house. They are in boxes so that the rodents can get in but the weka can’t! Today all traps were empty. After that it’s time to go and collect the goat buckets and untie Moon and Willow. The goats will do their own thing until later in the afternoon when they are put out for some fresh pickings for an hour or two. When I put them in after that they’ll have fresh hay to eat before they go to sleep in their shelter.

Pearl – checking the trap for a rodent or mustelid

Holly has now finished her breakfast so I put her halter on and lead her through the back gate and down the track so that she can get some fresh grass. There are sheep and cows in the paddock where I take her, so hopefully she’ll be happy there for most of the day. She has her head down and is happily grazing when the dogs and I leave her. I carry on down the hill to our mailbox and pick up last night’s paper then start the trudge up the hill. It’s a bit of a slog, but the dogs need a good run and I need to stay fit so that I can get back to work once lockdown lifts. Before I come in for breakfast there is Holly’s poo to pick up. It’s amazing how much a horse can poo!!!! But it’s all good for the vege garden. I give the dogs their breakfast and put them away and finally its time for mine! I’m hungry!

I motivate Kayden to onto his school work and spend some time with him on that. While he works on his Maths, I sit down to write this Blog and have some coffee. Wow, it’s lunchtime already – the morning is gone and the afternoon is now before us. I’m off to Westport for my first Covid jab!!

Time to move on, until next time!

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