Along the Paper Road


On the Southern boundary of our property is a Paper Road that goes along the True Right of the Mokihinui River, from the bridge to some paddocks. We have an access to the track from our place and it’s a nice walk. I’ve been sitting around for more than I’m used to for 10 days and I reckoned it was time to extend my walking. The three dogs; Mica, Pearl and Petra and I set off down the hill. I’m still a bit slow and cautious but it didn’t take too long and we were down on the ‘road’.

It was a very pleasant day, sunshine with a gentle wind that carried with it the freshness of early winter. The tall trees had their top tips in the sunlight, while the smaller shrubs and plants were yet to feel the sun’s kiss. The dogs were quite animated, running all over stopping to sniff at all the fresh odors they picked up. Down on the river bank is a small shag colony and they were making raucous sounds as we went past. I’m not quite ready to scramble down the bank yet, so left them to their cacophony! Very soon Petra was indicating at the river. Through a small gap in the foliage I counted 21 ducks on the far shore, lazily paddling in the water on the river’s shallow bank. It’s duck shooting season, so imagine these clever ducks were hiding, … the hunted hiding from the hunters! Good on them, I don’t eat duck so it was nice to watch them enjoying the morning from our vantage point.

We continued our walk until we came to a gate in the road and turned around wandering back the same way. I spotted some fungi and lichen on the bank and couldn’t resist having a closer look. I wasn’t disappointed and it was worth the effort of navigating my way across a water-filled ditch. The way the droplets of water sit on the fungi is so beautiful – I am ever grateful for the zoom feature on my phone’s camera!

Throughout the walk the dogs and I were accompanied by piwakawaka (fantails). These lovely little birds cheep and fly all around. They are very entertaining and such fun to watch.

By the time I got back up the hill to our place I was feeling a bit tired physically and I guess to be fair, healing will take a bit more time. However, my soul is totally refreshed and I am so happy I made the effort to push myself and make the most of the day. Tomorrow rain is forecast …

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