Home for a bit


Picture this … fading evening light, mountain bike, hill, acceleration, dog,

Mmmm, not a pretty picture, but never-the-less an actual happening and now I’m at’ home for a bit’ recovering from concussion and nursing fractured ribs. (The dog is fine and suffered no trauma or injury). I’m over the worst of it now – just pretty sore ribs and needing to rest, which to be fair is not my forte . I’ve watched a couple of movies, binged a TV series, read two books, done some knitting on a jumper that should have been finished last winter! and completed numerous puzzles! Between all that I’ve been going for short walks to run my dogs, but to also look for fungi – because it’s that time of year. The bonus this season is having the time to get my books out and actually identify species and save them in folders for future reference. Y’know one of those ‘I’ll get around to it’ jobs that invariably never happen.

Entoloma hochstetteri

I’ve decided that although I might be on a forced slow down for a few weeks, I can use this to my advantage, so expect a few posts … y’all be hearing from me! 🙂

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