Alert level 3 – Day 10 – 8/05/2020

Sunrise over the Radiant Range

The valleys and gullies below me were seeped in fog this morning. It was thick like a grey candy floss, with wispy tails on the ends. Yesterday I mentioned the stark lines of winter, but today there were muted lines, abstract contours and soft colours; in the silence of the morning light. Distant trees and foliage were dark shapes as the day broke, to reveal all the shades of greens you can imagine. Tui and bellbirds penetrated the silence and sang clearly defined notes from the bush. In the distance a weka called and another answered, while paradise ducks chattered below the fog. Oh, what a morning! Each day is such a special and wonderful gift to be embraced and enjoyed.

A stunning morning – looking East from our driveway, over the Radiant Range
Walking down the Top Loop Track – the dog is Bo

I slipped quietly out of the house while everyone else was still sleeping. Laurie is on night shift and he came home about 4:00 am, so he was in a deep slumber and Kayden was yet to open his eyes! I love the mornings. I have always been a morning person; as long as I can remember. As a young girl I would sneak out at first light and go horse riding before my grandmother got me busy with jobs in the house! I never had difficulty milking cows in the mornings or the early morning shifts when I was nursing. As a mother of young children I tried to get up before the children and enjoy a quiet moment before the day’s bedlam began! I love the smells, sounds and sights of the change from dark to light, and even now I am no less thrilled by the solitude of the birth of a new day. One of my favourite sounds when I get up is to hear the call of the morepork and simultaneously the call of the tui – you can’t beat it! Night and day, dark and light, nocturnal and diurnal … does it for me! The fungi were as abundant today as yesterday, with a few new ones to look at. I never tire of them …

I also spotted some lichen that was fruiting. So tiny and yet very colourful.

Fruiting lichen.
Fog sitting in the valley, between our place and Summerlea ridge (looking South West from the goat paddock).

The fog hung around for a while this morning and then burnt off to reveal a blue sunny sky. It was warm and Holly (the horse) was pretty happy grazing in the sun’s rays. I got out into the vege garden for a while today. I’ve been picking up Holly’s horse poo each day and am putting it on the garden to dig in for the Spring plantings. I’ve also put some around the rhubarb plants and the brassicas. I have every expectation they will grow well! The apples that we picked several weeks ago have been checked and all the soft, bruised or sad looking ones have been cooked up and put in the freezer. Last night Kayden and I had apple crumble for dessert and tonight apple sponge. Mmmmmm 🙂

It was another awesome sunset tonight. The sky’s red clouds was reflected in the river. Truly beautiful and a fitting way to end a stunning day.

A beautiful sunset tonight, over the Mokihinui River

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