Alert level 3 – Day 12 – 10/05/2020

The first kiss of the sun on Mother’s Day

What a beautiful morning! As I stepped outside this morning the first rays of the sun were kissing the leaves of the trees near our house. It was one of those moments in time when you just want to stand still and soak in the beauty that surrounds. The air was fresh and clear and there was a dew on the ground. Somehow there was the promise of a day to enjoy. The dogs were full of beans when I let them off – they wanted to run. We walked the Top Loop Track. I find these days of Autumn I tend to focus on the ground; looking at the small things on the bush floor, fungi, lichens and small ferns. That’s great but I do tend to miss the tallness of the trees, the red of the rata flowers and the colours of the leaves. I might also miss the hawk flying high or the small fantail that follows us. Not today! Today was a day to breathe in creation in its entirety. I actually found walking difficult, I felt like skipping as happiness bubbled up from inside me and popped out in song! That excites the dogs even more as they respond to my mood.

My shadow in the morning light

Yesterday Kayden and I went for a bike ride. We decided to cycle to the beach and Laurie said he’d come and pick us up in an hour. We took Petra with us. The afternoon was beautiful and we were making good time. On the narrow dirt road a car was coming towards us, so we were moving to the side of the road to give the driver plenty of room when next minute the car swerved across the road and landed up in the ditch! It was pretty steep and there was no way the driver could get out without help. I held the door open so he could climb out and when I was confident he was okay we biked to a spot where I could get cell phone reception. Laurie came down and managed to tow the man and his car safely out. No damage outside of a few scratches to the paint! Phew. The man drove off and Laurie drove to the beach so that Kayden and I could finish our bike ride.

Where the Mokihinui River meets the sea
From the mouth – looking up river

I went for a horse ride when we got home.The first ride I’ve had for a couple of weeks. I took Mica with me and we went around the big Loop Track. Holly had plenty of spark and she was a bit like riding a fire cracker! I really need to ride her more. It was so enjoyable to be on a horse who is so willing and seems to enjoy being under saddle.

Well I’m back to work tomorrow. Kiwi to catch for transmitter changes. Best to get an early night! I’ll leave you with a few fungi finds from the last couple of days. Bye.

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