Alert level 2: day – (forgotten which day!) – 16/05/2020

The stunning Radiant Range and the welcome of a new day.

I was surprised there wasn’t a frost on the ground this morning, it was pretty fresh! The dew was heavy but no ice, just a hint of winter in the chilled air as I let the dogs off for their morning run. Gee it’s nice to be home! The last week has been crazy busy with work and already the lock down time seems like a faded memory. How did that happen so fast? While I enjoy my work and certainly earning a bit of money, I feel like I am losing something that I want to keep. It will be a challenge going forward to hold onto that richness and depth of life at home that I really enjoy and to find a balance between work and home-life. Saying that I have enjoyed being back out in the bush, tracking kiwi, working with my dog/s and challenging my fitness to reach a higher level.

From the Mt William Range looking out towards the Blackburn

Petra has had a day out with me as I prepare her for her Interim certification through The Conservation Dog Programme with DOC. She is having her assessment on Monday this coming week and I’m hoping she will be able to go onto the next step of species training.

I have found some interesting plants and fungi while I have been out and about and it is always encouraging to know I have species identification and names correct! I am always surprised how the mind retains information and is able to recall it, even when you don’t know that you know. Such was the case with a rata species found during the week. I’d only really seen it once before, but my brain recognised it straight away and I could even remember the Latin name – amazing! I am very thankful to some wonderful people who give me opportunities to learn and then practice my new knowledge and skills.

At home I haven’t had time for home baking or much knitting but I have been out in the vege garden and it is looking really tidy. We are eating home grown leeks and cabbage and soon the broccoli will be ready. I have picked the last of the tomatoes and have some seeds on the go in readiness to plant out. Laurie has been busy with the digger; preparing the area in front of our house for landscaping. He moved the hen house the other day and the chooks have adapted well to their new location. Kayden and I went to Reefton today and bought 10 bales of hay to bring home and have to feed Holly and the goats. Hopefully it will get us through the winter, although I suspect I may have to get a bit more! There is always plenty to do! School goes back on Monday, with the bus running and classes as usual. Kayden is looking forward to going back and seeing his friends. I think it will be good for him although in many ways it’s been great for us to be home together.

Well almost bed time for me. I’ll leave you with some photos from our place. We’ve had some beaut days of late! Night!

Top of the Loop Track – toward the Radiant Range
Rata tree in the morning light

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